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Customized Invoice Software in Google Sheets

Updated: Feb 8

You will have access to Sheet with fully automated, we will guide you steps to setup your own data and there will be also some guide to setup your own.

We have developed an easy and advanced way to generate invoices as a professional with some easy steps without any hectic calculations.

Steps to use our customized software:-

1. Open your google sheet you'll see the first sheet with the name ENTRY FORM. There you will find column AB&C and row 123456.

2. Now let's take an example- You own a stationary shop and Riya (customer) bought 1 tiffin box for $15, books for $100 and some color for $50.

3. Now after filling all the entries click on the blue rectangle ADD ENTRY .

After clicking you'll find that all the entries you have made get erased and now your sheet is ready for new data.

4.Now click on the next sheet from below with the name DATABASE.

5.Now you can see that all the entries you have mentioned there will automatically get saved here in the database.

6.Now from column I you can download your invoice pdf which is available in google drive.

7.Beside the database you can see another sheet with the name INVOICE TEMPLATE.

Clicking on that you can see how your invoice template will look like.

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