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Multi Cloud Ai LLP formerly VB Easy is a certified, award-winning software development company that predominantly  focuses on client requirements and endeavour to deliver result oriented solutions. We create every project with great diligence and offer the optimum solution and ROI to boost business growth.

We are experts in Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies, and Digital Marketing and provide cutting edge solutions so that you do not have to hire multiple companies to get your project done. We have separate departments for Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, and On-Demand Hiring. All these departments work together to turn your project into a success story.


Predominantly, Multi Cloud Ai LLP works for client’s satisfaction.Our main motto is to deliver projects  to you on time and on budget. We have been in business since 2016 and accompanied with phenomenal team that automates manual stuff, enhances overall business growth and helps the entrepreneur to accomplish their objectives. Our mantras behind the success is loyalty and transparency and staying straight forward for fulfilling the stipulation of clients.






Assurance has a positive impact on long-term profitability, a trends risk on events involving cyber attacks and technological advancements. Moreover, erect trust & belief by persistent labor, selecting innovative strategies, opting punctuality that's concerned with the delivery of projects during a timely manner. Certitude brings high standards for integrity, management excellence and helps to gauge the evolution of risk management.

We” Live in Customer’s shoes”. We enjoy pride in our client’s success. However, if there are problems or misunderstandings arrive in assigned tasks,we work beyond the time and manage the obstacles by seeing things from your perspective. Trust attribute with reputation and success is pivotal to organizations because every business proceedings require a degree of excellent faith and trust.

Broadly, our company develops trustworthy relationships with our clients by recognizing their requirements and also their purpose for hiring us. Accordingly, we prefer to work in a dynamic business environment, to overcome the hurdles and threats arriving in the way of attainment of objectives. Eventually, our main priority is to serve the client’s demands by adopting a cost effective approach.


For over 13 years, Intellectsoft has been helping Fortune 500 companies, and established brands build solid software foundations for their businesses.

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Rajveer Singh
Creative Director and CEO

Raj Shakya(Rajveer Singh) is the founding father of VB Easy a Software development company and is based in New Delhi, India.

He possesses optimum skills and capabilities, tremendous knowledge of business, technical goals and he helped several enterprise to fulfil challenges arriving in a very way and attain objectives.Through persistent learning, constant diligence, complete dedication and determination and excellent recommendations for revolutionising client ‘s business in a very such the simplest way that he erected a product and repair for his own attainments brings abundance of success into his life.

Formerly, Raj Shakya is the name of a standard person and now was one in all the leading CEOs of software development companies and it is a biggest achievement accomplished .
He commenced his career with a corporation named VB Easy in 2016. Apparently, His positive attitude towards entrepreneurship, generosity, helping nature, delegation and decentralization towards his subordinates, credibility with clients and crown him as founder ( CEO of VB Easy)


Srishti Chadha 
HR & Management

Srishti Chadha has a background both in HR management consultancy and HR operation management. She gains over 3 years of experience in HR operation and consultation concerning Labor Protection Law and solved Labor Union’s problems which she had contributed to effective intervention in organization change projects. 

She is creative and innovative with her skills she had helped in many projects to deliver on given deadline, which makes her special in our company, we are pleased to have Srishti as HR and Management Position in our company, 

we are grateful to her for her contributions for VB Easy.

Srishti had experience in reward management, organization and job design, performance management, competency and legal issues, job evaluation. Especially, be accountable for the development of grading structures, grade & title analysis, salary range, and the maintenance of the reward policy.


Web Designer / Web Developer


Full Stack Developer


Virtual Assistance


Ritu Raj
Full Stack Developer


Srishti Shakya
Project Manager


Full Stack Developer

Multi Cloud Ai LLP Ways

How Are We The Right Team?

Our team consists of 50+ people working together, we believe teamspirit, cooperation and collaborative approach is required for a successful software development company. We possess highly talented, energetic motivational, software developers, highly skilled all recruited through a rigorous process.

Predominantly, Analytical minds of highly skilled personel can understand the nuances of our customer’s businesses, the logical project managers, visual hierarchy team,and management with a focus for quality and delivery, and the innovators that transform entire aspirations of clients into innovative inventions.

We organise workshops on a regular basis which helps us to be tailored and recognize the needs of customers. They are highly valued by both: our clients, as a help to organize the ideas and structure them better, and our teams can recommend better strategies, tactics and philosophies and figure out the best possible way to start working on the project.

We have opted a unique approach by vanishing traditional ideation and taking new for erecting and developing quality of services with speed and efficiency, while retaining our persistent monitoring and quick attention to planning.
Our team’s diverse expertise guides the innovative choices that solve your business challenges.

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